Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery

You are looking for sustainable and ethical jewellery? Then this post is for you! 

Are you wondering why some jewellery is sustainable and ethical? It’s all connected to the source and the production of the jewellery. Metal and diamond mining is really bad for the environment. It results in biodiversity loss, soil erosion and contamination of water. Another big issue are unethical working conditions and wages.Diamond and gold miners are often treated unfairly or not paid enough. 

But there are good news! Metals can be recycled without losing any of their quality and diamonds can be grown in labs. It’s important that jewellery brands are transparent about where their materials are from, and who made their jewellery. This is the only way we can see if their jewellery is ethical or not. They can use recycled metals or Fair Trade Gold. Brands can also make sure all their artisans are paid fair wages.

I have collected 15 affordable sustainable and ethical jewellery brands for you! I hope you will like them. Enjoy reading!

Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery by Ana Dyla

BASED IN: Netherlands
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plated, 14k Solid Gold (all recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 50 – 150€

Ana Dyla creates handmade jewellery from recycled silver and gold. Additionally, the brand only uses ethically sourced gems.

Ana Dyla’s jewellery is classy and timeless. 

Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 22k Gold Vermeil (often recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 50 – 150€

Another great sustainable and ethical jewellery brand is Loft & Daughter. Loft & Daughter creates beautiful travel-inspired necklaces, bracelets and earrings, while focusing on preserving traditional handicraft techniques. The production process is extremely transparent. 

Their jewellery is detail-rich, playful and unique. 

BASED IN: Germany
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold Vermeil, 14k Solid Gold
PRICE RANGE: 50 – 500€

Each jewellery piece is made to order from sustainable materials and shipped straight from Stilnest‘s goldsmiths to your doorstep.

Since Stilnest collaborates with a variety of creators, you can find many different styles of jewellery – from classy to playful and fine to bold.

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plated
PRICE RANGE: 50 – 150€

Mood Good is a London-based independent brand. All their jewellery is handmade and a lot of pieces can be personalised. 

Mood Good‘s jewellery is light-hearted and playful.

Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery

BASED IN: Sweden
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 9k Solid Gold, 9k Rose Gold (all recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 15 – 400€

Stockholm Rose’s philosophy is to create fine jewellery that is made to last. They also make the jewellery in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Every piece of jewellery is handmade in Stockholm with recycled sterling silver, solid gold and ethically sourced gems.

Their jewellery is fine and detail-rich. 

BASED IN: Canada
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Plated Bronze (both recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 50 – 300€

All of Wolf Circus‘ pieces are hand-made using a special process that does not create waste. Moreover, Wolf Circus uses either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze that is coated in 14k gold plating.

Their jewellery is best described as bold and unique.

Sustainable & Ethical Jewellery

BASED IN: Belgium
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, 18k and 9k Solid Gold
PRICE RANGE: 20 – 150€

Sample Slow produces its jewellery in an ethical and sustainable way, but it’s also really affordable. The production process is transparent.

Their jewellery is dainty and unique. 

BASED IN: Netherlands
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 14k Solid Gold, 14k Gold Plated (often recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 15 – 350 €

Fashionology focuses on reducing its impact on the environment by using recycled or eco materials as much as possible and working in a small workspace. In addition, the packaging is designed to be reused, and if you select the eco packaging option when checking out, your order is shipped as eco friendly
as possible.

Fashionology‘s jewellery is modern and playful.

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 9k Solid Gold (both recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 20 – 200€

Wild Fawn Jewellery uses Fair Trade gold. This means it’s produced in a fair, safe and transparent way. Buying Fair Trade gold ensures the metal is sustainable and ethical. Moreover, it helps miners build a secure future. The brand also uses recycled metals for its jewellery.

Wild Fawn jewellery is dainty and modern.  

BASED IN: Australia
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 18k Gold Plated (all recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 20 – 250€

Molten Store believes that beautiful jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth. Their jewellery is made from recycled Australian metals. On their website you can also swap your old gold for store-credit. They also have a section with vintage jewellery. 

Molten Store‘s jewellery is unique, playful and classy at the same time. 

BASED IN: New Zealand
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver (recycled), 18k Gold Plated (soon recycled), Rose Gold Plated
PRICE RANGE: 40 – 120€

La Luna Rose jewellery uses 99% recycled sterling silver and produces in a closed loop production. La Luna Rose also works with 1% For the Planet. In addition, they have recently launched a ‘buy-back’ system. This means you can donate you old jewellery. It will be recycled and you will get a gift voucher. 

La Luna Rose‘s jewellery is modern and detail-rich.

BASED IN: Australia
MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold Plated, 14k Gold Vermeil, 14k Gold Plated
PRICE RANGE: 100 – 300€

Aletheia & Phos‘ mission is to create sustainable and responsible jewellery. All artisans are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. The council’s mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices. It also guarantees human rights throughout the jewellery supply chain.

Aletheia & Phos‘ jewellery is unique and inspiring, and each piece has a story to it. 

MATERIALS: 14k Solid Gold, 14k and 18k Gold Vermeil, Rose Gold (all recycled)
PRICE RANGE: 30 – 700€

Each of Aurate‘s pieces is designed and handmade by seventh generation craftsmen using ethically sourced and sustainably made 100% recycled gold and gold-plated vermeil.

Aurate‘s jewellery is glamorous and classy.

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 14k Solid Gold (recycled), 14k Gold Plated Brass, 18k Gold Vermeil
PRICE RANGE: 40 – 700 € 

Ana Luisa uses recycled gold, recyclable brass and ethically sourced diamonds for their jewellery. Additionally, all jewellery is crafted in limited batches so nothing is wasted and the production process is transparent. 

Ana Luisa‘s jewellery is modern and playful.

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plated, 14k Solid Gold
PRICE RANGE: 40 – 400€

Edge of Ember makes jewellery that doesn’t harm other people or the environment. They fund social initiatives and all packaging is 100% eco-friendly. You can also get repairs and replating for free within the first year after your purchase. This way your jewellery will last a lifetime.

Edge of Ember‘s jewellery is modern and rich in detail.

I hope this guide on sustainable and ethical jewellery was helpful for. Hopefully it also showed you that there are amazing brands out there that care about the environment and people. In general, you should only buy jewellery that you know you will love and wear often. Choose quality jewellery, even if it’s a little pricier. It will last much longer and will be worth it. 

Thanks for reading!

Pauline xx

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