Tips for Thrifting Online

This blog post is all about top tips for thrifting online. 

If you haven’t mastered the art of thrifting yet, check out my 20 Second Hand Shopping Tips. During the past few years I have collected good tips for thrifting online and I am excited to share them with you. 

Thrifting online is great if you don’t have any good thrift shops near you. Thrifting online might also be perfect for you if you don’t have enough time or if you are looking for a specific item. And of course it’s perfect for saving money while saving the environment. Here are my top tips for thrifting online!

Tips for thrifting online

1 - Condition

One of my top tips for thrifting online: paying attention to the condition of the item. This is very important when you are thrifting online, because most sellers don’t accept returns. Have a close look at all pictures and read any description carefully.

Another one of my tips for thrifting online is shopping on platforms with pre-selected items. Online marketplaces with pre-selected items almost never offer clothes with any damages. 

2 - Material

Finding out about the material is another one of my top tips for thrifting that will save you a lot of money and time. This way you can make sure the item is worth buying and it matches what you want. To find out about the material you might have to contact the seller. This is possible on almost every platform. 

3 - Measurements

Another one of my top tips for thrifting online: Knowing the measurements of a pre-loved item. This is important because you can’t really rely on sizes and can’t try it on. Measurements are provided in some cases. If they are not, don’t hesitate to ask! This also leads me to the fourth tip:

4 - ASK Questions

When it comes to tips for thrifting online, the most important part is ASKING QUESTIONS. You might feel uncomfortable or annoying asking some questions… But it will be so much more annoying when you get your order and it’s not what you wanted. I have sold clothes online before and giving out more information never annoyed me, as long as the person was sincerely interested. 

So, next time you are thrifting online, contact the seller. Ask questions such as:

Q: What is the material of this clothing item?

Q: Would you mind sending me a picture of the care instructions?

Q: Could you please send me some additional pictures? I would like to see additional photos of the back/hem/sleeves/collar/buttons etc.

Q: Are there any stains, rips, holes or loose threads? I can’t make it out in the picture.

Q: Would you mind sending me the exact measurements? e.g. Could you please measure from the shoulder strap down to the bottom hem edge? Could you please measure the smallest part of the waist?

Always remember to stay friendly. The sellers will be happy to provide more information!

5 - costs

In some online shops you might be able to ask sellers for lower prices. Some online shops offer free shipping to selected countries or have a ‘free-shipping’ filter.

Before you order something, make sure you can’t find something similar in a different online shop. Sometimes you might find the same item on a platform with lower shipping costs. Lower shipping costs usually mean the item is closer to you, which also means it’s an eco-friendlier option.

The easiest way to make sure you’re not wasting any money when you’re thrifting online, is only ordering what you truly love and need. 

I hope these tips for thrifting online were useful for you! If you know of any other second hand online shops, feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading about my tips for thrifting online! 

Pauline xx

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  1. Emma

    These are awesome tips! I just wish Japan had access to online thrift stores 😕

  2. Pauline

    oh no I didn’t know that there aren’t any!

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